6 Creative Ways to a Micro-Topping Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling and renovation can be quite a period of stress due to many decisions and uncertainties. Especially when buying a new residence, or simply changing you might be asking yourself: Can I handle the planning myself? Do I need to hire a designer? Where can I find the best contractors in Miami?

Even when finding the right people, you might get badgered with multiple designs, materials, and colors.

Luckily, Microtopping is appraised for its incredible adaptability, versatility, and design. Leaving homeowners in love for years to come. The artesanal application, comes from a product called microcement, which is a paste of cement and polymers. It can be applied on any surface without the need to demolish, and it has multiple textures and colors for you to chose. Even when indecisiveness plays a role, microtopping helps since its color can be easily changed. All that is needed is a bit of sanding, and a reapplication of the product.

Here are a few places where homeowners have been creative in overlaying their assets with microcement.

  1. Floors- The best choice for flooring renovation is one that does not require demolition. Many also discard any option that requires high maintenance and does not last. A Micro-Topping overlay covers your floor adding ⅜ “ to the existing surface, leaving a shining, beautiful space, with the strength of concrete.


2. Decks/Outdoors- Summers in miami are beautiful, but also very hot. Many homeowners look for flooring options that do not attract and trap heat. Everyone wants to enjoy the summer in the outsides, with a nice pool day and an ice-cold lemonade. Micro-Topping can also be applied to your outdoors, whether it's to create a luxury deck, slabs, or wet area flooring. Its textures and design will keep your family safe from slipping, but at the same time will display a modern outdoors.

3. Walls- Another great place to overlay with microcement is a wall you might have. With the ability to create multiple designs and colors, you will be sure that Microtopping will match any interior design you already have.


4. Countertops- MicroTopping can overlay your existing countertop, or even create one from scratch using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Many homeowners prefer micro topping over wood, and marble, because of its durability and scratch resistance. Nothing goes better with a grill, than a fancy microcement countertop.

5. Furniture- Have you ever seen concrete benches, sofas, futons, coffee tables, and more? Well, due to Microcement’s versatility, it can overlay virtually anything! Of course, it wont take away from comfortability.


6. Bathroom/Bathtub- Nothing says luxury better than a nice minimalistic bathroom, made of concrete. Many enjoy all the small concrete details that make the bathroom a space for relaxation and relief.