We find, many times, that clients are asking themselves the same questions when deciding if to polish their concrete floors, and with whom. A few of those are:

  • Why do I need to polish the floor?

  • Who can offer the best price?

  • How long does it take? What do I need to do?

All are valid questions, but it’s definitely more important to know and understand the process very well. As we have years of experience, we have developed our own technique, and we are confident to show you how to polish concrete the right way, in just 5 steps:


1) Prep it Up!- Make sure that the floor is leveled and clean.

The first step is simple: preparation. Many skip this step, but it’s actually quite important to make sure that the floor is flawless before polishing. We’ll check for holes and cracks to fill them, repair any necessary joints, all with a flexible material that can be polished.


2) Grind! Grind! Grind!- Using special equipment.

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Before grinding we understand the preference of the customer and check the floor conditions. For example, if the floor is older and/or damaged we would highly suggest to start working with the most aggressive metal diamond, in order to level and grind all imperfections. This leaves a lot of aggregates in the final finish. For newer concrete works, we allow the customer to choose from salt & pepper or cream looks. These are done with a very soft grind that leaves the surface open, but not to the level to show aggregates


3) Let’s Dance, I mean Dense!- Adding specific products to thicken the surface.

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After grinding the floor in multiple steps, a densifier is applied to harden the floor and help with the polishing process. Before densifying, it’s important to check for any scratches that may have been created from the grinding work. With our process, you’ll be sure to see a brighter and smoother look.


4) We’re the Polishing Kings! Now it's time to polish.

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Polishing is also a multi-step process, where resin diamonds are used (from heavier grits to smoother ones). And, in this process the magic happens. This is when the bare concrete begins to shine and has that majestic look. Though many discriminate shine over matte finishes, the shine is a natural look that creates a sharp clean feeling and adds durability to the floor.


5) How to protect me? Your new floor is calling you to come see it, use it, and maintain it.


In this step, we work according to the future usage of the floor. Different finishes can be applied according to the customer’s usage and preference. As sealers, polyurethane, and epoxies to protect the floor. For heavy traffic areas, we understand that stronger protections are required. We also check up after a few months to see the state of the floor and help out in case a service is due.

We have developed a technique to interact with the carbon fibers that are inside the concrete to create crystals that endure the floors leaving a shiny look. This shine is embedded into the floor instead of using a sealer film, and have been quite successful. Our works will guarantee resistance to grease, scratches, and protection towards high traffic areas.

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