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With Microcement we can help you create beautiful modern spaces. Due to its versatility, micro-topping is an easy apply. No need to demolish, or change doors and window frames. 

Concrete Polish

A stunning new floor can say A LOT! If you already have concrete spaces, its important to maintain it. With our concrete polishing service you'll be wondering if we replaced your floor. We also fix any cracks, blemishes, and faults.

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Stains & Dyes

Concrete is for everyone. Some enjoy minimalist grey designs, while others like to spice it up with color. Stains and dyes permeates the concrete to create luminous, translucent tones that interacts with the existing surface.

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They are semi-transparent and are intended to enhance and disguise the surface, depending on the grade of translucent. The difference, is that Stains interacts with the calcium of the concrete creating hues of colors, while Dyes does not interact, creating a more predictable and uniform color. Stain and Dyes can be applied indoors, and with our formulas UV resistant and ticker colors, we also apply them outdoor. Colors varies from intense to pale to earth and oxides and by Using tailor-made stencils we can create patterns too.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxies are a long-lasting high-gloss finish with superior hardness and abrasion resistance. They offer an Indoor reliable and durable surface for residential, commercial and industrial use. They are an overlay that completely covers the floors, in vibrant shiny colors, metallics, flakes and textures.

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Epoxies are heat and fire resistance making them ideal for kitchen counter tops. Epoxy floors are easy to install, durable an easy to clean ideal for garages and industrial kitchens and warehouses. Epoxies are a Seamless floor system, ideal to clean as bacteria and dirt will not accumulate over cracks or grouts. Our system allows to tightly apply over drains and up the wall to create a cove base.

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Your driveway is your homes first impression. Concrete adds value by presenting a clean, professional appearance with a huge array of options. EASY TO MAINTAIN. Our driveway services shows our specialization in slabs, concrete pour with joints, stamped concrete, and exposed aggregates.

Guaranteed to outlast your lifetime!


Keep it beautiful! Modify your current tops or create new ones with our Countertops services. We offer different choices and many options of colors and custom designs:

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1) Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) we can cast any complex structure, leaving a top that is thin, light, and strong. GFRC comes in grey, light and limestone.

2)Concrete mix with aggregates for a terrazzo look or custom aggregates to personalize your design in any color and stone mix.

3) Micro Topping tops: we can cover your existing countertop with our strong and resistant Micro Topping cement on the color of your choice for an affordable concrete look.

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